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Before you logo. The creative brief

Before a designer takes pen to paper, or mouse to pixel, they’ll need a creative brief about what you want in your logo. Writing one isn’t rocket science, but more complicated than “I’ll know it when I see it.” A practical approach.

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Understanding logo setups

A logo is more than a pretty picture but the visual cornerstone of your brand that has to be seen, and seen often, in many places. A look at the configurations, setups and design variations you’ll eventually need to make your logo work wherever it has to.

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What logo image file to use where

A majority of business owners new to branding efforts have common logo questions that go something like this: What files do I give my printer? What formats do I use on a website? Without getting into too much detail, we’re going to tell you what goes where

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Using a logo you found on the Internet

Looking for a new logo for your company, product or service so you fire up Google image search, type in some keywords and behold the wealth of artwork ripe for the picking, right? Not so fast. Here’s a few practical reasons why using a logo you found on the Internet is a spectacularly bad idea.

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Logo design & supplying fonts to clients

We’re often asked by clients if we can supply them with fonts – either the typefaces used in logos or as complimentary fonts for brand collateral like business cards & brochures. Here’s why it doesn’t matter in logo design and we usually can’t do that for other things.

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Downloadable repair rate card

Need your logo cleaned up and vectored? We’ve just put together a downloadable Logo Repair rate card complete with file format charts to explain everything – colors, what file goes where, etc. It’s up in The Warehouse and available for offline reading or shooting around by email.

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Logo Design Road Maps

A complete soups-to-nuts logo design how-to from our archives. Everything you need to know about starting and finishing a logo design project – from selecting the type of logo for your market, to selecting typography, colors & taglines, it’s all here.

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Your logo on a transparent background

Having your logo sit on a website colored background (or a photograph) is relatively easy, as long as you have access to the correct formats. Why trying to remove backgrounds from JPGs leads to lousy results and why you should always start with vector versions of your design.

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Common questions about using logo files

When design clients receive an array of brand assets – logo files in various formats – their usage and application can be quite confusing. Many technical guides on our site, and around the web are jargon rich, far too complicated for the casual user. Accordingly, here are the most common questions we get asked about using logo files – answered in plain terms.

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Logos & the psychology of color

Part 2: In this second installment of our our crash course in picking the best logo colors, we take a look at the psychology of color, what they mean and how to build your brand around the right one. We also delve into color pairing with various combinations based on solid color theory.

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Using your logo on social media

Making your social media presence known. A DIY tutorial on using your logo on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and Instagram. What files to use, how to adapt logos and how to build a social media brand system.

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Free logos and the art of bait & switch

So they’re promising you a free logo. Let’s ask ourselves a fairly straightforward question: is anyone going to pour their heart, soul and required time into the creation of your company brand logo, give you the end product, and all reproduction rights to said product for free?

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What logo files do I use for..

When you take delivery of your new logo, chances are you’ll receive a lot of various files and formats. Which file goes where? What logo files should you use for letterheads, business cards, social media & websites, even if you’re using Word or Office? Here’s a quick & dirty format guide for the DIY entrepreneur and bootstrapping startup.

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Copyright, trademark & logos

Copyright, trademark and your intellectual property rights can be confusing for anyone new to design, either as a designer or a client. A practical guide to who owns what, what you can protect, how you can protect it, and what to do when someone copies your logo.

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The cost of a logo

If you’ve only budgeted $25 for your new company logo design, your business plan needs a little bit of a rework. What’s the true cost of building your brand using pricing as the only factor?

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“Before a designer takes pen to paper, or mouse to pixel, they need clear direction on what kind of logo you want to represent your company. Writing a creative brief isn’t rocket science, but a little more complicated than “I’ll know it when I see it..”

Writing The Creative Brief

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