One from the vaults: A 1982 promotional poster for CFNY 102.1 – The Spirit of Radio. Only the best alternative music radio station of the 1980s.

Spent the weekend getting graphic and logo design examples together to use in an interview piece about The Logo Factory for Jeff AndrewsDesign Inspiration Interview with yours truly. Ended up rummaging around in my old portfolio looking for this blast from the past – a poster that I designed for CFNY radio personality The Live Earl Jive (real name Vaughn Filkins) and his Video Circus ‘road show’ back in 1982 (full image after the jump). This poster was created long before desktop design software (actually, before desktop computers even existed) and the artwork was designed with ruling pens, acetate overlays and rublylith (ancient tools of the trade rendered obsolete by computers and design software.) It’s looking a bit beat up now, but here it is in all its old-school graphic design glory..
cfny-original-poster-artIf I recall correctly I was paid the princely sum of $100 but received an ongoing stream of free event tickets, CFNY swag & branded propaganda. Not exactly my best work (in retrospect the hand-drawn video lettering is horrible) but it was something that I was extremely proud off at the time. CFNY was Canada’s first ‘alternative’ radio station and originally broadcast out of an old house in Brampton, my home town. For about a decade, every radio dial I owned was tuned to 102.1 – The Spirit of Radio.

New Wave & Brit Pop

CFNY introduced me to what was known at the time as ‘new wave’ music and 80’s Brit pop – Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Visage, The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees et al – bands that I’d still consider myself as a fan of (my itunes playlist could sub for a CFNY play list circa 1984, if they had a playlist, which they didn’t.) To actually design a poster for one of their on-air personalities was a thrill for a young designer just getting started out (also netted me quite a few free tickets to road show gigs and concerts.) At the time, listeners to CFNY made up for their small numbers with a ferocious loyalty (I even drank Carlsberg beer at my fave weekend haunt, Nuts and Bolts Nightclub, because they were a major sponsor). Alas, CFNY was sold to some corporate interests in the mid-90s, ditched their ‘renegade’ vibe and like many listeners, I lost interest when they were rebranded as ‘The Edge‘ sans the original call letters. If you’re an old fan of 102.1, or are interested in more info, you can check out the colorful history of CFNY over at this fan site.

Let’s clean it up.

FWIW, the original artwork has certainly seen better days. The Rubylith has been torn off in spots, the wax holding the type on the Bainbridge board has packed it in and some of the photostats have faded with time. Let’s clean up the artwork a little for presentation purposes. We’ll even give the old girl a refresh. Voila:
Now that’s much nicer.