Original Factory Logos & Typography

We preach that it’s never a good idea to change a logo without a great deal of thought. Now we’re thinking of changing ours. The question is – should we?

We’ve used the little Logo Factory house logo since around 1996. Kind of a cool background too – it’s not a factory at all, but a graphic representation of the old house in which I launched TLF from my kitchen table. I liked the idea of logos rolling off an assembly line (though, that visual imagery would later haunt me a little as designers reacted to what they perceived as ‘logo mills’ started popping up all over the interwebs). Original 3D version of The Factory

At the time, I had recently separated from my wife, and being a ‘solo’ dad, my kids Amy and Matthew, 4 & 5 at the time, were always complaining that I was working too much.

To spend as much time with them as I could, I tended to work well into the night, after I had put them to bed (hence the solitary light when all other windows are dark.) The ‘house’ became a registered trademark in 2000, and while I’ve been tempted to change it often, my personal attachment to the mark is quite strong. It’s very hard to give up something that’s been such an integral part of one’s life for over a decade, and a logo that everyone at the studio has kind of settled into.

Cut to this morning, when one of the sharpshooters at the shop – Steve Rodrigues – decided to help out with some graphics and icons for the upcoming relaunch of our Canadian site. While he was working some of his mojo, he figured he’d take a stab at The Logo Factory mark, based on the handling he had used for an earlier project – The Tanning Factory. I had always joked that if I were to start The Logo Factory today, that’s the kind of logo I would develop, exactly like the version he e-mailed this morning (first cut below – never mind the colors.) At first I saw the design as an alternative universe TLF – one where everyone sports a goatee. An evil Logo Factory (vague Star Trek reference for those paying attention.) I wasn’t actually serious about changing our logo.

Now, I’m thinking some more.

I like it. A lot.

While I’d have a hard time parting with the purple and teal version that’s served us so well for all these years, I’m not opposed to changing a logo (oh, alright – yes I am) and haven’t considered it since The Logo Factory went 3D a few years ago. Thoughts anyone? We up for a new logo, or does the back story of the original tug at the heart strings?

Comments are always welcome.


Almost a year after this post was published, we decided to officially redesign our logo. In the open. You can read all about it at the link.