For the third time in their corporate history, ice cream giant Baskin Robbins changes their logo. The 31 is still there, but you’re gonna have to squint..

Ice cream parlor giant Baskin Robbins lend their name to the increasingly long list of corporations that have thrown their logo into the redux ring. Alas, I’d argue that the new logo is not an improvement. The old B & R ice cream logo (apparently still used as a secondary logo) had a certain ‘heritage’ to it – reminiscent of ice cream parlors in Norman Rockwell paintings.


It also incorporated the famous 31 flavors – a pivotal piece of the company’s brand – very prominently into the mix (the theory behind the 31 is one flavor for every day of the month.)new-baskin-robbins-logoThe new logo (known inside the corp as the ‘fun logo’) is a little higgeldy piggeldy (a technical term) and So You Think You Know Logoshas a rather ‘childish’ theme with ‘pointy’ font work and a noticeably downplayed ’31 flavors’ motif (squint – it makes up the B & R in the center.) It’s a clever bit of typography to be sure.

A buy-out inspired rebrand?

Yeah – it’s nify. But effective? (Nuh uh.) Perhaps appealing to kids (and subsequently families) was the point, though I’d argue that the conservative older version appeals to families just fine. Now, whether this has anything to do with Baskin-Robbins (along with Dunkin’ Donuts) purchase by defence and aerospace giant The Carlyle Group is anyones’ guess…