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Since the inception of our studio in 1996, TLF has created dozens of automotive & car logos for domestic and international clients alike. There is no fast-and-true rule for automotive logos – every application has its unique parameters, depending on the theme, market and direction of the car company involved. Designs and corporate identities for automotive companies can range from cartoon-like to corporate, conservative to radical. To be sure, the auto industry encompasses a wide range of business types – from auto sales & car dealerships, to parts, tires and accessories. Over the years we’ve also tackled projects for everything from car washes to auto racing – examples of which can be found in our portfolio. Of particular note when developing an automotive logo is the planned usage and the restraints that may be involved. If a logo is to be applied to vinyl signs & signage (particularly true in vehicle branding) the logo has to be simple and linear. If the logo is to appear primarily in traditional advertising, our designers can take a wider latitude.


Types of Automotive Logos

Several of the automotive logos featured in our car logo gallery are highly illustrative in nature – The Badland Buggy auto racing example (above) is a text-book example of an extremely complex illustrative logo. The rendering of the vehicle is almost photographic in nature and required a lengthy development phase with photography (supplied by the client) for reference. Other automotive logos featured in our portfolio are much more simple in design, and are much more adaptable for wider usage and application.

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