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Heralded as the get-it-done method of cheap logo design, contests seem like a good idea but often times, the submissions aren’t very creative. Case in point…

Every time I write about our work getting jacked and entered into a 99designs logo design contest, I usually receive some e-mails advising me that I shouldn’t make such a fuss. Just an “isolated incident” I’ve been assured. Ironically, on more than one occasion.

Isolated incidents.

Coffee Lounge logo 99designs detailWell, here’s another one of those ahm, “isolated incidents”. This coffee lounge logo lifted from our gallery (inset above), rejigged and entered into this contest on 99designs’ website (below). This one is a particularly nasty rework, no doubt created by running the original image through Adobe Illustrator‘s handy-dandy Live Trace for a quick & dirty vector conversion. Not terribly well, at that. While the so-called ‘creative’ (apparently on their first outing) has tried to reverse engineer the word coffee back into the design, they neglected to notice the outline of the exclamation mark from the original. Wonderful. Ripping More than coffee logoour stuff isn’t good enough. They have to make it look bad as well? It’s at this point I usually launch into my anti-contest screed. why I have a beef with contests.. don’t work.. clients and designers get ripped.. not a professional solution.

Yaddy. Yadda. Yadda.

Alas, I’m just getting over a bout of the flu (no, not swine) so I’m not up to my usual indignation. Though if this keeps up, I’m going to be sending the good folks at 99designs a bill for consultation and art direction fees. From the amount of links to our website (“this is the kind of logo we’re looking for“) to absolute knock-offs being entered into their contests, it only seems fair.


As 99designs spox Adam Schilling tells us in the comments below, the copied logo has been removed from the contest and the designer responsible suspended.
99designs comment thread
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