The new Toronto Pan Am Games logo has been released, mostly to polite applause. It ain’t awful, but Lordy, it ain’t good

The new logo for the 2015 Toronto Pan American Games was released a couple of days ago by event organizers, mostly to a ‘ho hum’ reaction and some polite applause. Personally, I don’t think it’s all that, and see a blobby one-legged man, carrying a donut, kicking an egg around (but after the grief I caught on the Brazil World Cup logo, think I’ll keep that opinion to myself.)

Azxtec & Mayan cultures?

For what it’s worth, the figure is made up from the letters ‘T’ & ‘O’ (how Torontonians refer to their city) and supposedly “draws on Aztec and Mayan cultures”, cause as we all know, Toronto was a hot-bed of activity for the Aztecs and Mayans (snark).

Okay, maybe it is awful.

Now, let the comment bitterness begin..