Part two of our 2014 Twitter Cornucopia – a review of some of the more interesting stuff we Tweeted about the past year. Let’s jump back in last August..

(Part one is here) UK comedian, actor turned political activist Russell Brand caused some waves with his controversial views and publication of his Revolution book. We ignored all that serious stuff and took a look at his Trews logo:

Everybody know Hello Kitty? Pointy ears, whiskers and surname of kitty. Despite all that, officials told us..

With featured “gigs” like $5 copyright watermark removal and blatant logo knock-offs galore, the design industry’s love affair with Fiverr grew.

Electronic artist and DJ Deadmau5 tried to trademark his dead mouse logo. As they often say in Hollywood – “don’t fuck with the mouse” – so Disney, citing a resemblance to Mickey, put up a fuss.

As the terrorist organization ISIS continued to grab headlines, thanks to their awful behavior across the Middle East, western companies that bore that moniker, scrambled to rebrand into something less murderous and terroristy..

Another airline rebrand. And some more carping on Twitter…

UK TV network Channel 4 reframed themselves as a media network along with a new logo and brand makeover. It is truly delicious..

The 13th anniversary of September 11 events was marked by many organizations and companies. Some were terrible, using the day to offer discounts, Twitter hashtags and other trite marketing gimmicks. This simple icon was probably the best and most apropos..

The rumored MLS logo rebrand is finally unveiled. At first it doesn’t make any sense, but once the context is revealed later, it’s actually a decent attempt to create a uniform branding approach for the entire league. In a year of duds, this one turns out to be a winner..

A really nice typography treatment marks Derek Jeter‘s retirement from baseball..

While we spend most of our time on Twitter pushing news & views, we do tease our own artwork from time to time:

If you thought Fiverr was awful, how about Fourerr? That’s the $4 “gig” platform for those times when $5 is a tad rich for your blood.

It didn’t take long before our house logo showed up there too, which led to this exchange (and ultimately a DMCA takedown.) As “awful” is already taken, perhaps “dreadful” would be fitting..

That was fait accompli to those watching:

Let’s skip Threerr, Twoerr and cut right to the chase..

All this collaborative and sharing economy goodness prompted this handy infographic:

80’s Brit pop band, Frankie Goes to Hollywood (the dudes behind dance smash Relax) celebrated the 30th anniversary of Welcome to the Pleasuredome album release. Always did love the FGTH logo (most of the design around the band’s marketing was years ahead of the curve and more-than-likely the subject of a future blog post.)

For the record the .GIF file format is pronounced JIFF..

Irish rockers U2 gave away their new album via Apple‘s iTunes (initially, you weren’t given a choice, which pissed a lot of people off.) People shouldn’t have been surprised – the iTunes ‘Artists’ dashboard icon is modeled on lead singer Bono after all..

Two big stories of the year were NSA spying and the Ebola outbreak. Both received notable design treatments..

Go home Tesco buttermilk packaging. You’re drunk and flashing customers..

After the face palm logo of the FIFA Brazil World Cup and after the closing ceremonies of the 2014 events, people wondered what the Russian World Cup logo might look like. They didn’t wait long but once the design was revealed, soccer fans and designers weren’t quite sure what to make of it

Personally, I saw a resemblance to the Martian invaders from the 1953 (sans Tom Cruise) sci-fi classic, War of the Worlds..

The official explanation tried making sense of the various bits and pieces..

Overall, reaction to the logo was mixed. The host city posters mind you, were graphically stunning..

Fiverr again..

This time, we had to buy our own logo for $5 (and change) to get it taken down. Told everyone about it too (and it’s still there)

Seems 99designs has a fan of sorts with this Meetup guy..

The makers of the #1 machine-gun choice of terrorists worldwide, want to be known as something other than merchants of death…

The Toronto Raptors basketball franchise leaks their logo just before Christmas. With the old logo still in stores…

Raptors go-to guy and rapper Drake, is not pleased at all..

Ironic thoughts..

Future blog post?

Fiverr again. This time, some guy from Pakistan nicked our name. And in the spirit of the Holiday Season, added a turkey. Yay.

Not even worth the $5.

As the year end began to draw near, we all heard the tragic news of another missing passenger plane – Air Asia QZ8501. Our thoughts go out to all those with loved ones on the flight.

And that’s it. An end to another fairly decent year.

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