A look back at goings on and notable events from the branding and logo design world..

We’ll start off by wishing you and your’s the very best for for 2012. Then, we’ll get right to it..

Notable rebrands and redesigns.

There were a load of new logos making debuts..
new-blue-jays-logoDitching their stylized mascot, the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team rolled out a new logo that is a hybrid of the original Jay’s design launched back in 1977, with bits and pieces from a later version that was unveiled in 1997. See the National Post’s Jay’s logos throughout the years for the full genesis.

new marlins logoSporting both a name and design change, the new Miami Marlins‘ logo was designed to reflect the theme of the city they represent. The Marlin sorta remains, but in a much simplified form.

new stumble upon logoThe new Stumble Upon logo reception wasn’t all wine and roses. In fact, some referred to the change as downright boneheaded.

new comedy network logoThe Comedy Network is the Canadian equivalent of Comedy Central and like its US cousin decided to roll-out a new logo. Gone are the child-like graphics that have been featured in the brand since the 90s, replaced with a stark, font only version.

new techcrunch logoApparently TechCrunch picked this logo just to piss you off.

new starbucks logoStarbucks Coffee went textless.

new jcpenney logoRetailer JC Penney took a page from the GAP redesign debacle.

new science channel logoThe Science Channel dropped their periodic table vibe for a shiny and stony logo.

new ehow logoeHow became folded paper.

new google chrome logoGoogle browser Chrome went flat.

new swiss air logoSwiss Air crowbarred a plane tail into the mix.

new NBCUniversal logoNBC Universal lost their peacock.

new ifc logoIndependent file channel IFC became bolder with a new tagline.

new virgin australia logoVirgin. Yet another airline logo. Yet another airplane tail.

New logos that weren’t

fake-hewlett-packard-logoA potential new HP (Hewlett Packard) logo did the rounds on several design blogs, complete with beautifully produced case studies and back-story videos. Reaction was mixed – some calling the new logo revolutionary while others remaining in the ‘meh’ camp, Turns out neither opinion mattered as the new logo was part of a 2008 ‘what if’ scenario pitched by Moving Brands and HP has no plans to change their logo just yet. On the other hand, some of the recommendations in the case study have already been adopted.

home depot logoThe new Home Depot logo is still showing up on year end lists as one of the ‘most notable logo redesigns of 2011’. Trouble is, the Home Depot logo was never changed, but simply an April Fool’s prank put together by Brand New.

The logo that really got to the point.


And yes. It’s real.

The top 100 most valuable logos.

Top 100 logos and brands
At least according to Interbrand‘s ‘Top 100 brands’ for 2011‘ list.

Logo design controversy of the year

logo garden examples

Branded Logogate 2011 by some, this nasty little kerfuffle started when all sorts of designers started finding images that appeared to have been lifted from their portfolios (most seem to track back to portfolio site Logo Lounge) and put up for offer as templates on the Logo Garden do-it-yourself logo design site. To whit – designer Jeff Fisher writes about various instances of his work being cribbed, repackaged and offered for sale. Over at Rock Paper Ink, and without mincing too many words, Bill Gardner calls out the LogoGarden.com site with Love Thy Logo – charlatan, huckster, moron and thief. Logo Lounge has more. Apparently, most, if not all, of the offending images have been taken down and for their trouble, Logo Garden received $2M in funding from FCA Venture Partners

Speaking of funding.

Spec site 99designs picked up $35 million in funding from Accel Partners. Another contest site DesignCrowd.com found their coffers $3 million heavier with an investment from Starfish Ventures (which they promptly used to acquire beleaguered ‘brand in a box’ site Brandstack).

Human Rights gets its own logo.

human rights logo contest winner
After four months and a global online campaign that netted 15,000 submissions, Serbian designer Predrag Stakic was announced as the winner of a design competition to find a logo for human rights. The logo, entitled “free as a man,” beat out over 15,000 other submissions and earned Stakic 5,000 Euros (about $6,500).

Best logo design blog of the year.

graham smith blogFor a logo design blog that showcases an unbridled love of logos and design we’d be remiss if we didn’t tip a hat to Graham Smith‘s I’m Just Creative site and blog of the same name